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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not quite a cruise summary

Good day! Welcome to Tuesday. Today was going to see the first of several stories born from LakeCruise. Unfortunately, the writing I did on the boat was on Wifefish's laptop, and she has a newer version of Word than I do. Said version saves in a different format than mine, and requires at least four extra minutes of work to open. Suffice to say, the next entry will have to wait a day or two. Little Danger loved the boat.

I decided to kvetch to Wifefish about her computer's shortcomings with this email:

"I love you.
Also, I want you to throw your laptop down a well, launch a 20lb canister of napalm after it, and then emtpy a drum mag from an AA-12 on it. Use the green fin-stabilized grenade shells, please, as opposed to normal 12 guage loads. I apologize for the sudden need to dig a well.
Your copy of word uses .docx, and I can't open the stuff I wrote on the lake. This makes me a sad panda.
Love always,
Your old-office using hubbin. "

She of course replies logically that I can just re-save it on the lappy in the proper format. Well, I think we're missing a golden opportunity to have our own well and also practice for a zombie apocalypse, provided that we are attacked by zombies in wells.

She further adds that we don't have money for a new laptop, but if we're saving money on water bills, we'll have it in 3.2 years. So she's obviously correct, again.

Here's my answer:
"Always with the technicalities. We don't have money for napalm or an AA-12 either. But we own a shovel. Think of it as a self-filling rainbarrel. Dig it in the neighbor's yard, right where that big plate that says "Water" is. If there's enough pressure, we might get a fountain as a bonus."

Given the heat, I may have her on this one. Who can resist a fountain on a hot August day?
Of course, given that she's often smarter than I am, she might just turn on the water hose...maybe I should just re-save it on her laptop like she says. But I'm blaming her if I'm ever eaten by a zombie.


  1. Ya know, I believe they do make free plug-ins for older versions of Word to allow them to open .docx files (assuming your version isn't too old).

  2. I used to have the same problem...but I have to say...could Little Danger BE any cuter?

  3. your son is so cute! and your wife is very smart thinks you were defeated! :)

  4. I hate when my computers won't compute. Cute little guy.

  5. Yeah, I do not win any arguments either, with wife and four year old daughter in tow, but I will, one day, maybe. I don't think that I would want to spar with a zombie while trapped in a well for many reasons, but the most glaring is that zombies are already deceased, and therefor, do not feel pain. And unless you do not need much room to wind up, it is unlikely that punching a zombie in the head will do the trick, unless you are a ninja.

  6. You should know better...

    That little DB makes a dapper Captain. ;)

  7. I love Little Danger's hair colour!


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