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ABOUT (this humble blog)


 Welcome to Dangerboy's virtual parlor.  Here, there will be a variety of discussions and've landed at a schizophrenic blog of high quality entertainment, deep thought, rampant silliness, and unabashed self aggrandizement.  Enjoy.
I should probably bust this thing up into more than 1 blog...but I'm notoriously lazy. My layout stinks, for the same reason.  Want to be my best friend forever?  Get me a better layout.
People tell me I write decently, and I like to make you laugh.  Here, this link should tell you more about me.  Want to know more?  Fine...but I'm not exciting like a velociraptor, or dramatic like a llama.  I'm just me.

There are a few categories going on here.

First, humor. Most of the entries are meant to inspire laughter.
Also, things I like. For instance, you will find scotch reviews here. Why? Because I like scotch.  I LIKE Scotch.  As in, one whole shelf of my bar is dedicated to single malt scotches. 
Also, things I hate. All of these will be rants about something that has affronted me, done in a humorous style.  Many things affront me, and they're likely things that YOU don't like either.  Come commiserate. 
Also, geek updates. Why? Because I'm a gamer and a geek.
Also, deep thoughts.  Those will be hidden here and there.  Behind the humor will be some lessons I've learned over the years.  Share yours, won't you?

I should also mention that most of my art is by Wifefish.

Seek ye and find. Enjoy, comment, share.  I say again, comment and share.  I write a blog, that makes me an attention whore by very nature.   
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