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Yarrr, this page be under construction.  Ye can see its beginnin's here, as I fill the hold with the swag o' other blogs what ye should read, sites ye should visit an' so on.  'Tis me busy, pillagin' time o' the year, so work on this page be murderous slow.  If ye think ye should be on here, an' yer not, don't get yer knickers in a twist!  Just let me know!  

Sprocket Ink, your virtual water cooler for current events.
I spend some time there with some other really great writers,
and I'm honored to join them.  You should join us every day
for giggles galore! 

The Bloggess  If you have never read the Bloggess, you are missing out in ways you cannot even fathom.  This woman is a comedic genius, and an inspiration.  Granted, the inspiration is to do crazy things and say "fuck" way too often, but I happen to hold these concepts dear.  All of them.

Single Dad Laughing  Dan is one of those guys that makes pouring your heart out to the masses look easy and cool.  Some jackwagon publishers told him "fatherhood doesn't sell."  He's been proving them wrong ever since.

Cake Wrecks  It's amazing what people will try to sell to other people under the name "cake."  Cake Wrecks has been around for a while, and continues to show us new and amazing and funny things.

The Loaded Handbag  Nicki is fun, funny, talented, and awesome.  Whether she's using words or a lens, you should check out what she has to offer.  

Bag Lady I'm a fan of her work, and of her husband's.  They're a rarity amongst bloggers, a husband and wife that both write tremendously well.  They paint imagery with words, and make me long to visit them in England and toss back pints into the wee hours.

Calling People Names This girl writes from the heart, and from some of the wildest circumstances ever.  She will cover any topic, from sex to a goose in a tuxedo, so it's not for the prudes.  But it is excellent. 
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