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Monday, August 22, 2011

5 Things I Think, Aug 22

1) I think it was a decent week. Any week in which I can spend several days in Vegas and then follow it up with several days on the lake must needs be declared at least a decent week. I got most of my S's...Scotch, Steak, to see if I also have Sales.

2) I think I made a new drinking game while I was in Vegas. Like him or don't, it's no secret our president leans on the teleprompters pretty heavily. Try this game to get royally an Obama speech. Every time he pauses awkwardly in the middle of a sentence and keeps looking at the prompter (the prompter pause), take a drink. This is guaranteed to bring Hope and'll hope you don't pass out while you change your liver.

3) I think I'm pissed about a surprise that happened while I was in Vegas. Long story short, some shit went down that forced a cancellation of Jekyll & Hyde, so my evenings are free again. It's a shame, though, because the cast sounded so damn good. There's talk of trying to get it up anyway, but there's no little blue pill for a cast with no venue. I'm suddenly a lot happier about not getting that dream role; I'd be chewing iron and spitting nails if I had.

4) I think I'm having one of these days: When you just want to get caught up, but everything is messy.

I also think this is one suave and debonaire dude, right here. Look at that face.

5) I think I'm going to be hitting the gym pretty hard, since my evenings are free. I can spend an hour each day and still be home "early." I've been eyeballing the scale for a couple of months now, flirting with 200 from the wrong side. I'm done flirting, and I'm just going to go ahead and ask it out on a date. Hopefully it doesn't turn me down.

And that's a Monday. May yours be fantastic!


  1. How could the gym turn you down? Just look at Little Danger and anyone can see those are some mighty fine genes!

  2. I'll have what Little D is having.

    (plus scotch, sushi, and steak....AHHHHHHH)


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