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Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Things I Think, Aug 15

1) I think that starting your day at 4 am to move 3 time zones for business is nucking futz. Given, however, that I am now in Las Vegas, it removes the sting somewhat. Business trips are better in Sin City, a town in which I have had much fine scotch, sushi, and steak...sometimes all in the same day. Sucks to not be home, but not as bad as a trip to, say, Atlantic City. (Oh, how I loathe it.)
This thought also serves as a "why this post is late." I wasn't about to write it before I left the house.
I'm at Caesar's Palace this week...and the bathtub in this room is massive. I could easily fit myself and 3 Vegas hookers in it, but since I love Wifefish dearly, and love having my manbits attached, that ain't gonna happen.

2) I think a day spent with Little Danger is a great day indeed. I held down the fort Saturday while Wifefish went out for a long gaming day, and I think both of us are better off for it. She got to try out a new game system and a fun character, and I got to spend a full day with the boy. There were giggles and swinging at the playground, and I think he had fun too.

3) I think we have a damned hard decision to make. Our old man cat has a failing kidney and lymphoma, and has lost a lot of weight. The vet wants to "try" a med course, but I don't know what that means for him. I don't want to keep him around in pain just because we love him, but I also can't stand to see him go. Such is life...nobody gets out of it alive.

4) I think it's funny that young kids, such as Little Danger, seem to ascribe just as much fun quotient to boxes, random objects, and pillow as the toys you've bought for them. Pro tip: don't bother buying tons of toys, just run out of time to tidy the house for a few days. This works best when you leave shoes, remotes, empty boxes, and a lint brush lying about. Never works with a box of kleenex, unless tissue bits are fun to you, too.

5) I think it's time to hit publish. What the heck am I doing typing this out when I can go out and play in Vegas? I am soooooo outta here. (But I'll be back, because the hotel has high-speed access and I miss you.)

Have a great Monday!


  1. Enjoy Vegas, steer clear of the hooker ladies jonesing to climb into your bathtub, and blessings to your kitty cat.


  3. Glad you're having fun in Vegas (and that you're enjoying that bathtub on your own!).

    Hey, if you want a cardboard box equivalent (but tougher and with more possibilities) look for a Bilibo. I bought a set for my nieces and nephews last Christmas and they LOVED them.


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