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Monday, August 1, 2011

5 Things I Think, Aug 1

1) First and most obvious, I think a vacation is a wonderful thing. Taking in the view and the fun at the lake for a full week was completely decadent, and a great way to de-stress, or at least experience a completely different set of stresses, such as tripping over my niece and nephew every time I turned around. At least they're cute and Little Danger likes them. Me too, actually.
It was nice to unplug for a while, though I surely missed the virtual world I've become accustomed to. Sooo much catching up to do.

2) I think the heat has been absolutely broiling of late. I never wanted to know how a crawdad feels in the pot, but as I found myself slowly turning redder this week I developed the habit of jumping in the lake, then going inside and standing over the air conditioning vent. It helped.
I certainly wouldn't want to be without the miracle of air conditioning for long in this weather, and I heartily thank those who invented it, lest I have to live in a cave like ancient man. Caves tend to be hard on carpeting; they're a bitch to decorate. Unless you like that natural stone look, then you've got it made.

3) I think this is officially the tightest month of the year. I'm glad we chose a much reduced cost vacation; basically I'm out a tank and a half of gas and bought better groceries than normal in exchange for a week of awesomeness.
Still, I'm looking at the bills this time around and playing "Eenie meenie miney moe", and I'll probably be calling a few of the providers I have and working out a pay-you-Tuesday-for-a-hamburger-today plan of some sort. I shouldn't stress so much, I'm looking at a worst case scenario of paying some debtors a month late...but dammit, I'd like to be gaining on savings instead of slurping it through an economic crazy straw.'s not an ice wine slushie taste at all, and that's just wrong.

4) I think that being out of touch with the series of tubes that is "the internets" for Amy Winehouse kicking the bucket was lamentable. I have missed out on maybe a dozen great jokes that would have been topical. Alas, they shall go unremarked, wasting away like a meth whore who really should have gone to rehab, I say no, no, no. Too soon? To that end, I think that I could design a great "keep kids off drugs" program, showing a series of pictures of Winehouse in her downward free fall..."Stay off drugs, or get beaten by an ugly stick every day." Think about it.

5) I think this whole debt deal thing was about as big a train wreck as Charlie Sheen. Politicians have got to stop playing chess and chicken with our futures. I'm pretty damn sick of it, myself. I'd love to see a Common Sense party start up. Sadly, I doubt anybody would actually vote for them. Please vote for me in my run for Benevolent Dictator.

Back to work I go. Stay awesome, and do one great thing today!

P.S. A Blessed Lughnasadh for those who celebrate. Same for those starting Ramadan. For my Canadian friends, a happy Civic Holiday, even though I have no idea what the fuck a Civic Holiday is for non-Honda drivers.


  1. I feel like I SHOULD be jumping on the bash-the-heat bandwagon like the rest of the Internet...but let's face it, a heat wave in New England is like a normal July day anywhere else. I really don't have much to complain about. Come January? Oh, let the snow-shoveling rants begin.

  2. The only think good about the heat would be the regular visits to the folks pool but, being that the heat index has been set to "death", it is not safe to swim.

    Money tight? I would agree. Bill is getting on my damn nerves, as well as the government, or lack there of.

    As for the Winehouse coverage, I can't say that I am all broken up about it, but making fun of it isn't cool either. Another unfortunate end to a trouble life.

  3. @Nicki Oh, truly. Snow in your neck of the woods can be legendary.

    @ib Well, I make fun of everything, really. It is a tragic end, but sadly unsurprising. Fame has a bitch of a price tag, it seems.

  4. I agree. She was a raving tool though. Hey, would you mind if I did "5 things" on the hobbit? I will be sure to plug Dangerous Leanings.

  5. @ib Go right ahead. I'd be honored, and grateful for the accompanying plug.


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