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Monday, May 9, 2011

Five Things I Think, May 9

1) I think it was fantastic sharing Wifefish's first Mother's Day as "Mommommommom". No glamorous gifts, sadly, but I did make her dinner and cleaned up after. Still need to be rich so that there can be glamorous gifts.

2) I think my first true daddy fail happened last week. I have stared down the barrel of a gun...twice, in fact, but nothing in my life was as frightening as dropping Little Danger. He zigged when I zagged. Scary for both of us, but he was unharmed. Fortunately the boy has a head like a battering ram. I have the bruises to prove it; he likes to headbutt me in the chest. (Bang bang bang...look up...giggle. Repeat as desired.) I think I'm raising BamBam.

3) I think that even with the first fail, came the Big Awesome. He called me daddy. /heartmelt.

4) I think that I am sore in places that I didn't remember there were places. It was a long slog yesterday with the foam fighting, and a hell of a workout. It was a good day, only took one headshot.

5) I think that this is the week I'll explain the whole foam fighting thing in greater detail. You guys know I'm a geek, and fun is infinitely more important than being mainstream. I'm also bringing back the Velveeta Vault this week.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Dropping them at least once is mandatory, you know. Daddy's sure having fun! Loved this. ;)

  2. You got called daddy for the first time? AWWWW!

  3. I'm googling foam fighting as I write this.....

  4. Yay on being called daddy for the first time. Do daddy's really foam fight? And what exactly is foam fighting. If it has anything to do with velveeta I don't think I'll want to know...

  5. Ah the accidental dropping. I've been there my friend. And what on earth is foam fighting? It sounds like FUN. Details please.

  6. @Jayne That's what they tell me. And yet, my heart still stopped.

    @Nicki and Lemonade I KNOW!!!

    @everybody else...I answer the foam question today! Read the latest post.


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