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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So very nice...

It's so very nice to be loved.

The quite fantastic The Onion over at A Lot of Layers gifted me with this super sweet award. Go check her out, she's pretty damn cool.

According to the rules, as all of these awards have rules, I am supposed to share 3 things I like about myself.

1) My bout with depression notwithstanding, I have a positive outlook. When confronted with the unknown, I can typically land on my feet and, for the most part, stay optimistic. Home improvement also does not count here.

2) I am constantly learning. I refuse to stop and think "I already know all of that." There is more to know. More to do.

3) I have no idea who won whatever reality TV show you'd like to name. No clue. I like this. I do, however, know what happened at Wolf 359, what an Aqualish is, what frak, dren, and frell mean, and how good you can look in a very cunning hat. Just sayin'.

Now I'm supposed to give this award to X number of blogs, but as usual, I'm going to cheat. Go look at who I follow on my profile, they're all entertaining, and a big mix of subjects. Read their awesome blogs, then come hurry back...I miss you when you're gone.


  1. Know who I'd frak? Number Six.

  2. Love ya, Danger. Even if I have no idea what the frak a frak is...

  3. Congrats, DB. You've got a good thing going on here. ;)


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