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Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Quickie

Well, Friday has arrived, in a week I thought might collapse from its own weight before it could manage the task. It's been a rough one for Dangerboy, as I caught Little Danger's cold and had a few unsavory surprises try to bite down on my wallet. This is never a smile-making combination.

Speaking of Little Danger, he continues to be a master at what I call Baby Cuddle Therapy, and also Baby Giggle Therapy. These things keep whatever crap the world is throwing at me from being too overwhelming. I am not looking forward to teething, which may in fact negate my Therapy sessions for a bit. Or if I'm existential, will afford him some Daddy Cuddle Therapy, or perhaps some duct tape and ceiling fan adventures.

Yesterday's Giggle Therapy session involved our cat. Little Danger was bouncing in his exersaucer as I was sitting on the couch, watching something unimportant on the television during Daddy day. The cat came up and sat in my lap, and Little Danger loved this. He started bouncing and giggling. I scratched the cat's head, as I am wont to do. More giggles.

I stopped petting the cat. Little Danger put on his best Stay Puft face and expressed his displeasure. "AAAHHHHBBBBAAAHHHH!!!", he said.

Little Danger's "Unhappy" face
(It should be noted that we have not ever, nor will we have ever, shot him with a proton pack.)

I pet the cat again. Instant giggles and dancing, and baby-frenzy hand flailing. Stopped petting; instant displeasure. Started petting again; instant giggles. This went on for 20 minutes, in which I called Wifefish on her cell so she could hear it. I guess he loves the cat.

In other news, I've got new fiction up at
This is likely the last Lum for a while, as I have some more Dark Heresy to catch up on.

Wifefish helped me put up a Facebook page for the blog, so you can like it if you want to! I'm still struggling with putting a "like button" here, my efforts thus far have resulted in empty gadget boxes. Perhaps if I wasn't a Neanderthal when it came to webcoding. (Seriously, watching me try to figure out layouts and gadgets is like an episode of Captain Caveman.)

And I suppose I would be remiss if I didn't wish all of you who celebrate it a Happy Easter! May your chocolate bunnies be tasty, and your eggs colorful!

Dangerboy out!


  1. I have scurried across to 'like' you on Facebook. And it sounds like Little Danger has you exactly where he wants you. Mr Small is the same here. He owns us. Fortunately he is very cute so his tyrannical reign will continue unabated. Hoping you recover quickly from your cold and that a first division lotto win is in the offing.

  2. Happy Easter back!

    And your cat sounds adorable.

  3. I was able to add the Facebook gadget on Bloggers "add a gadget" section pretty darn easily. Let me see if I can go find it for you.

    This little danger stuff only gets better. You will humiliate yourself for that belly laugh.

  4. I need your email to send you the HTML stuff. it isn't working when I post it to Studio or here.

  5. Babies are crazy and adorable. Don't you ever wonder what makes them crack up at the most random things?


  6. Man, kids make you feel a lot better, if theyre your own. But the laughter of other peoples children is like the rattling of cold knives in the lungs of a corpse.....

  7. @Sarah awesome, and thanks! Yes, we are slaves to our little ones. I wouldn't want it any other way.

    @Lemons Thanks! I'll give the cat an extra scritch from you.

    @Onion You should have a message from me, and thanks tons!!!

    @hed Yes, I do. But then, his parents also crack up at random things, so it may be nature AND nurture in his case.

    @jarhead Oh, I can't tell you write macabre stories at all. And who the hell keeps their knives in lungs anyway? Everybody knows an empty rib cage is best.

  8. It's the smallest things that keep them so entertained. My friend's twins were amused for three hours with a cardboard box. Why do eve bother with toys?!


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