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Monday, April 25, 2011

5 Things I think, Apr 25

1) I think Easter was a mixed bag this year. Little Danger cut his first tooth, but Wifefish was down on the couch with some sort of stomach nasty, and missed Easter dinner. I saved her some ham, but the cheesy potatoes are MINE!!!

2) I think that having two friends in hospice sucks balls. One has led a long, full, remarkable life. The other was working on doing so, and won't be with us half as long.

3) Because of #2, I think that it is important for us to live while we can, because nobody gets out of this alive. Death is but a heartbeat away, and each moment borrowed from it is a blessing. I think that even though I know this and preach it, I've fallen short of embracing it for too many days. I think you should take a little time today, as I will, to just love.

4) I think it has rained for most of April. Legend speaks of a yellow ball of warmth in the sky, but I have no physical proof of this. At current, if I turn my face to the sky, it gets wet. I have watched small animals line up two by two, look at a calendar, and walk off forlorn as they realize they are several thousand years too late for that specific boat.

5) I think I like the lighting I added to the bar this weekend. I put some blue and green LED's on the back bar shelves, and now the bottles seem to glow. It's very Vegas in the Pyrate Pub.

Hope everyone had a good holiday!


  1. The weather really hasn't been in our favor this Spring. And I feel like everyone had a moderately icky Easter. Is there something in the air?

  2. Ah sorry about your teething little guy and your sick Wifefish. I think I caught what she has!


  3. I think you should post pictures of the pyrate pub.

  4. It's good to get your face wet, and definitely, to take time to love. Reminders abound, yet we often forget. You said it well here.
    Hope all's well at Pyrates Pub. ;)


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