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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Five things I think: an update

1) I think the human cornea heals incredibly quickly. The eye is fine now, despite Little Danger's best attempt to make me an authentic pirate. The pain of fatherhood is no longer metaphorical. I do not look forward to the days to come when his cranium is crotch-height. Along these lines: Dad, I'm very sorry.

2) I've got a few new things in the pipe. A scotch review is in the works, but I need time to drink, as I'm reviewing 4 expressions. A Les Mise-rant waits for some Wifefish art, and of course I have new fiction up over here.

3) I think I'm ready for this cold weather crap to give up. We had a brutal bait-and-switch here yesterday that had me smiling when I left for work, and pissed about leaving my coat at home when I left for home.

4) I think I am not shocked that Sheen's Torpedo of Truth bombed. The joke is truly on those who bought tickets's always more fun to watch a train wreck from afar...when you're up close and personal, you can't escape the sadness. So it was with the Detroit audience.

5) I think I'm happy that you're following me, and I think I'm jealous of your umpty-thousand followers. Those of you with umpty-ten followers, I'm still happy, just not as jealous. So thank you for following, I very much appreciate it!

I put up a "hall of fame" over there on the right -->, it's got some of the most powerful and popular of my posts. Holy alliteration, Batman! If you haven't seen those before, go ahead and click.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Definitely not umpty-thousand followers, so nothing to be envious over at my place. ;) And Sheen! I think he's bombing everywhere. I only wonder if it will have any kind of humbling effect on him??
    Nice update DB. I'm going to have to check out you fiction blog when i can devote more time to it. Good to know it's out there!
    And glad to hear your eye has healed nicely. :)

  2. Right there with ya on the done with this cold weather crap. I want some nice weather please!

  3. Here is to nice weather (always)and a world free of "He Who Shall Not Be Named". ...Love your phrase 'umpty-thousand followers'. If I ever figure out how to make that happen myself I will certainly share the secret.

  4. Nice, I love #5!!! I feel the same way!! Feel free to stop by over at LYLAS! Thanks.


  5. Thanks for the comment! I'm sorry you have had to go through that loss as well. It is nice to know I'm not alone. Have a good day!


  6. oh yeah..we are all ready for this freaking cold weather to be over.

  7. Word. The sun was out today and the Baboos said "what's that warm round thing in the sky?"


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