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Monday, April 18, 2011

Five Things I Think, Apr 18.

1) I think I'm elated that tax day is here. Granted, it means a walk to the post office to drop off my local return, but the crazy time is now over. Let us peasants rejoice.

2) I think I may be a bit rusty at poker...played a tourney this weekend and was knocked out way early. To be fair, I think the winner of said tourney was using the Force, or perhaps some sort of teleportation device that replaced whatever the River was going to be with the exact card she needed. Note to self: must browse Acme catalog for my own.

3) I think I'm 2 followers shy of my first goal...I have also joined Studio 30+, a blog gathering place for bloggers who are thirtysomethings like me. I'm hoping to learn a few tricks and tips.

4) I think I'm sore enough that there is a shadow me in an alternate universe that is composed entirely of the electrical signals my nerve endings are sending to my brain. Said "otherme" is called Ouch Man. After a full day of hardcore foam fighting (I will explain this soon, I promise), I then went home and broke ground on half the new garden plot by hand, because the lawn not-so-politely told the tiller we rented to fuck off. It didn't have nice things to say to the shovel, either, which is why only half is done. I can't stand a lippy lawn.

5) I think you can find something horribly disgusting and endearingly cute at the same time. Little Danger has either a head cold or allergies, but whatever it is he recently sneezed the entire contents out of his nasal passages to rest on his face, and then looked at me as if to say "What the fuck just happened, Daddy?", with a mucus goatee as if he were the evil version of himself, reimagined by Nickelodeon circa 1985. I may have broken a land speed record for tissue retrieval. I may have been laughing the whole time. I may also have felt sorry for him in equal measure.


  1. youre 30+ no fucking way?!?!

  2. #5 just made me squirt iced tea out my nose laughing. Fortunately, I was turned away from the keyboard at the moment! OMG, yes, been there!

  3. @Paige: Way. I just naturally seem cooler. They say TV adds 15 pounds, well the internet subtracts 7 years. :)

    @Jo Oh, I should put a "no drinking while reading" disclaimer up. Except the Scotch posts, they kind of lend themselves to drinking...conundrum. Welcome! And I LOVE your headerphoto on your blog, it really sums up the whole parental experience in one image. :)

  4. The PEASANTS ARE REJOICING! Or at least this peasant is.

    My Blogger following-mechanisms never play nice. Gotta rely on my trusty Google Reader. But...I CAN tell you that you DO have fifty RSS subscribers...and I'm one of them! =)

  5. Glad you joined Studio30. There are some talented, positive thinking people their. Funny ones too.

    Hope your little boy gets better soon.

  6. Okay I made a solemn vow that I wouldn't follow any other blogs. So I cheated...

    PS 50 is overrated. YAY 49!!!

    hed hed above water

  7. I just joined Studio 30 as well (holla!)and I am not really sure what I am doing there...want to go to the orientation with me? Oh, there isn't one? Shit.

    So, now what?

  8. I can't believe Tax Season is actually over. But one thing I don't get is why there is such a rush, when you have from January to April to get them done in the first place. Poor accountants, I'm sure they're rejoicing more then the peasants yesterday and today.

  9. Oh - nice imagery at the end there. ;)


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