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Monday, April 11, 2011

Five Things I Think, Apr 11

1) I think the human face is not meant to break your opponent's weapon when fighting in a foam weapons sport. I look like a Klingon today. QaPla.

2) I think an 8 hour game of Dark Heresy is a great way to spend a Saturday. This game has been going a long time, but is very infrequent in its getting together. Bad things happened this time, and some fictional foe or three are going to pay, bigtime. As Jack Burton once said, "Son of a Bitch must pay."

3) I think that I absolutely adore the first day in spring that the "green mist" shows up, the sprouting of all the leaves that adds a bright green highlight to once-bare branches. It's as if a massive fan brush dipped in a spring green dabbed each living thing lovingly, and it makes me breathe a little deeper and makes my smile a little easier to find.

4) I think that today, I will do something I can be proud of at the end of the day. No idea what it is yet, but I will seize the opportunity should it arise.

5) I think that moments when I am taking care of Little Danger, or just playing with him, make me tremendously happy. I laugh sometimes just looking at him, it's a giggle that starts somewhere in my heart and bursts out of my mouth before I'm aware of it. I think I should bank these moments, and hold them precious, because in only a double handful of years he will be a teenager, and that laugh will not be as easy to find.


  1. 5 things I think:
    1. That I am jealous that you are entering Spring as Australia is entering an Autumn that is trying too hard to be a Winter.
    2. That I hate video games- sorry but The Canadian just got a new television and has subsequently left me for something called a COD???
    3. Being proud of yourself is a lovely idea.
    4. Foam weapon sports are as silly-fun as blanket forts. I approve. Even though you did make some nerdy, fictional language reference :)
    and lastly:
    5. I should go and have breakfast now.

  2. While I think you are growing sentimental there is nothing wrong with wanting to do something that makes you proud. ...Should I even ask about the foam weapon incident?

  3. Foam weapons ROCK!! The kids and I have broken a few, but that's the fun part. :-)

    I know how you feel about them getting older. I have an 18 year old that I missed most of his life. I think that is why I focus so much on the 9 and 6 year old.

    No matter what we do though, We must enjoy them. They are our LEGACY!

  4. Get some Mashunga whacking sticks. You can beat the piss out of one another, injury-free.

    #2 is random.

    I think you are right about Little Danger in some ways, as i see it too with the Baboos. However, the tween baboo texted me while I am out of town tonight and I felt the same way about her, having this cute conversation via text. We are ALL ABOUT the inside joke and my kids have our weird humor.

  5. It's not as hard to find the humor in raising a teenager as you'd think. We've had a few giggle-worthy moments.


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