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Monday, October 17, 2011

Five Things I Think, October 17th

1) I think my legs hate me today. Running around like crazy for 2 nights running the Haunt, coupled with a 3.2 mile hike on Saturday with Little Danger strapped to my back, has left my lower limbs exceedingly pissed off. The hike was in a park we hadn’t been to before, and some sections of trail had a lot more verticality than I expected. We went up like a balloon and went down like a Kardashian. It was easily the most aggressive trail I’ve hiked this year.

Sweet, Haunt-y Goodness

2) I think Monday is flying by. I started this first thing this morning, and just looked at the clock…3pm. This is ridiculous, and obviously is part of some communist plot to steal a portion of my day to this thing called “work.” Given that I need some of that capitalist stuff called “money”, I guess I can’t really gripe.

3) I think you should check out Katrina Kittle’s blog. She’s an author I enjoy greatly, and is doing a great series of entries right now in which she posts a reason to be happy every day. This goes along with her recent book “Reasons To Be Happy”, which is a young adult novel but does not suffer for being one. I, for one, can use the reminder of the reasons I have to be happy.

4) I think I am a goddamn saint. The Village Idiot has been just killing me today with stupid. I had to kick her off the phones for the remainder of the day for my own sanity. Every workplace has one, ours is just clocking overtime hours for her brain cells lately. Prolonged contact to her occasionally makes me weep for the future of mankind.

5) I think, and I know some of you will judge me harshly for this one, that it’s been the kind of month that makes me want to take a day off, shut the home office door, and waste a day watching online porn and playing stupid online games. Anything that switches my brain to “OFF” for a day. Ever have a day like that?

Well, I hope your Monday didn't suck like a Peruvian aardvark. I GO!


  1. Running the Haunt. Fun, fun! I used to love a good haunt. My daughter, though--not the same. We have a haunt here in Cucumberland and it is very scary. At 12, she still won't do it--which pleases me so, because I know she wouldn't sleep at night if she did.

    Now who could judge you for taking a day off and doing your thang?! ;)

  2. God, 2. 2, 2, 2. That's exactly how my past week has been. Means to an end, means to an end.


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