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Monday, October 24, 2011

Five Things I Think, Oct 24

Greetings, gang. It's Monday again. Wow, I can almost hear the collective groan from you...or was that just my imagination? Here's my five for the day:

1) I think that overall I'm happy with the way the Haunt turned out. It's wrapped up, with a nice big closing weekend. We could have used a few more people on hand, but we nailed it with what we had. I was surprised by the number of people who couldn't finish it because they were too scared, which seems to me an odd proposition. I can understand bailing out of a haunt because it's no good, but being too freaked to keep going makes me wonder why they bothered to show up.
Or maybe my volunteers are just that twisted and scary.

2) I think the most perfect cure for stress in the world is Little Danger. Also, the most perfect cause of a headache. Funny how that works out.

Let's get this one!

3) I think I can't stand pumpkins. The smell, the taste, none of it. No pumpkin pie, no pumpkin seeds, no pumpkin bread. Conversely, I really like jack-o-lanterns and such. I just can't stand to be around when they're being made. As such, Wifefish is in charge of all pumpkin carving at Casa de Danger.

4) I think having to spend my 10 year anniversary with Wifefish away from her, on the highway, for 8+ hours sucks gigantic donkey balls. I realize that this entry on today's list is pure whining, but dammit, I'm gonna whine about this one. Dangerboy is displeased. Dangerboy also needs the money, and therefore will suck it up.

5) I think I may strangle the fabulous boss today. We're trying to figure out travel plans for the next month or two, and he's being as decisive as a pothead faced with a decision between twinkies or pizza. It's like a steering wheel in a pair of pirate's drivin' me nuts.


  1. " It's like a steering wheel in a pair of pirate's drivin' me nuts."
    Even though I've heard this one before, I have to admit that you brightened my day and actually made me laugh, in spite of the irritation I'm feeling today toward one of my co-workers (or "cow-orkers", as Dilbert would call them).

  2. You are allowed a bitchfest on Mondays but even so, sorry to hear your week is starting off in sucksville. You'll have to plan something extra special for you and Wifefish upon your return.

    Now as for those twinkies and pizza...

  3. I don't get the pumpkin fanfare. Except for pumpkin seeds...which, let's face it, taste nothing remotely like pumpkins.

  4. I've always wanted to try pumpkin pie. It's one of those things that I don't understand but want to. Hope your week gets better!

  5. Mmmm... pumpkin pie.
    Mmmm... pumpkin bread.
    Mmmm... twinkie pizza.

    I'm not quite sure how I stumbled onto your blog but here I am. I think the Bezerk screen shots in your previous post was what made me realize I was amongst good people.


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