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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Decade...

Today is a fantastic day. It is a day of greatness, a day that I look forward to each year. And this year, it's even better.

10 years ago, I married the most fantastic Wifefish in the history of the world. I married my best friend, my confidant, my inspiration. I'm a more complete human being because of it. I certainly hope that she's come out as well as I have in the bargain.

I can recall the very first moment I felt love from her, knowing I would always be safe with her. I'd pushed myself a bit too hard during a rehearsal, ignoring a case of strep that became scarlet fever. After the rehearsal, I lay on the stage with my head in her lap as she touched my hair, taking care of me. I went to the hospital afterwards, of course.

I remember proposing to her during a curtain call. I'd managed to get the whole cast of Into The Woods in on it, and surprised her completely when I popped the question. You know who has two thumbs and got a standing ovation for his marriage proposal? This guy. It was the beginning of a wonderful journey.

We've supported each other for a decade now. We listen to each other's dreams. We kick each other in the ass. We look forward together. We forgive each other when we do stupid shit. We play video games until 4 am sometimes. We have the occasional adventure.

I can think of no one who would, or even could, fit me better.

It's been a full decade of memory making, and I find I'm looking forward to the next decade with excitement.

Happy Anniversary, Wifefish. Let's have another awesome decade!


  1. How wonderful to hear this exists! Got a brother? ;-)

  2. Happy Anniversary! And what a lovely post - you sounds as if you were made for each other. I too wish you another fantastic decade.

  3. Wow- if Wifefish plays video games with you until 4:00am you have definitely found the right person! Praise that woman!
    A decade is a milestone to celebrate. And this post--a lovely and romantic anniversary gift to your wife! Happy Anniversary to you both! :)

  4. Congratulations to you both. Here's to the next ten years of memory making.


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