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Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Things I Think, May 10th

1) I think it’s been entirely too long since I’ve pounded out a blog entry.  I’ve been in that weird space where things are so bleak, that even though you’re not making any headway, you don’t want to lose momentum.  It wasn’t quite depression, so much as guilt.    Finances have been ass for the past year, to a point of very deep pain and reduced menu, but I’ve finally confirmed that light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train.  Hence the popping up for air here, and writing a bit. 

I went a year and a half on half pay, with no real commissions to speak of, either.  It wasn’t for lack of trying, but just a hole in the markets I deal with.  I have come to loathe legal departments, squeamishly saying “NO!” to something so innocuous as a happy birthday call to clients.  This “recovery” is slower than you think, my friends…because the greedy are still greedy, but worse, they’re scared.  They’re frightened of everyday things being made illegal. 

But things are looking up, and I’m now at ¾ pay, with sales coming in.  It’s a far better place to be, actually having fun at work again.  And then there’s also a new opportunity, joining the family business, which will require a bit of licensing and learning…something I’m truly looking forward to. 

2) I think this year with Little Danger has been one of the best ever.  Team Danger is becoming a pretty strong unit, with lots of laughter, tons of fun, and a decent bit of learning.  The kid spoils me, and Wifefish too. 

 That's a whole lotta cute right there.
I am truly amazed by him; sharing is natural to him, as is affection and caring.  He truly cares if someone has a “booboo”, and I think that’s pretty cool in a 2 year old.  Add to that what appears to be a natural athletic ability, and I’m fairly constantly wowed.  Granted, we have our challenging days, but those are to be expected.  He’s TWO.  Which means he should have all the social graces of a drunken epileptic yak at a rave.

Yes, he wears a cape.  They're quite comfortable.
I love the little rituals we have.  In the morning, watching an episode of Deep Space Nine together…”Daddy, watch Shtarchrek!”  Bedtime, reading Shakespeare, or Rumi, or when he’s feeling very geeky, a Star Wars novel.  (We’ve been slogging through Truce at Bakura, and thankfully we’re nearly done.  Not my favorite.) 

And like little boys from time immemorial all the world over, one of his absolute favorite pastimes is to make his Mommy laugh.  I find that days are far easier to start when I watch Wifefish smile.

3) I think I’m glad that spring is here.  Whereas this is somewhat universal and a little bit inane, it’s true.  The green things, the thunderstorms, the ability to run around outside with Little Danger like a crazy man…all that goes in the win column. 

Last evening I spent some time with Wifefish and Little Danger setting up the raised herb garden, conveniently located within arm’s reach of the grill.  It’s easy to create happiness for my better half, just add plants and dirt.  Our garden will hopefully be far better this year, as we are going to go thermonuclear on the squash bugs right out of the gate.  Zucchini stealing pricks. 

4) I think poison oak is the devil.  Or maybe Lucifer’s crotchfruit.  I spent last weekend running around the woods in various different guises, and evidently in one of the foam combats we had, I landed in some poison oak.  And now I have a coffee-cup-sized set of blisters on my thigh itching in a fashion to rival waterboarding as a method of interrogation, yet there is no one nearby to blurt truths unto and thus deliver me from said misery.  Alack.  Alay.
I guess I’m just going to have to tough this one out.  Scotch is called for, in liberal amounts.  Not to apply topically, but to make me forget the vegetative affrontery completely.

5)  I think, no, I KNOW that I’m glad tax season is over.  This was the worst I’ve ever worked through.  The software I use was never quite right, even through 13 versions.  The big box chain at which I worked part time overcharged clients (and I am happy to say I won’t be back there!) The IRS started late, thanks to Congress waiting until after the last minute to finalize this year. 

And next year, my first in my own office, is going to be worse.  Obamacare, whether you love it or hate it, is going to create a more complicated tax return.  We’re going to have to prove that we had insurance, and pay penalties right off the top if we didn’t have “sufficient” insurance, according to the IRS.  I, for one, am looking just as forward to returns with this new requirement as I would to performing a root canal on an unaenesthetized hippopotamus with an attitude problem.  

And that's the return of Dangerboy.  A little underwhelming, perhaps, but I hope to be here a little more from here out.  What do YOU think?


  1. "Hello Nurse" BethMay 22, 2013 at 11:55 AM

    Very happy you are back!

  2. I can very much relate to thing #1. I think that had a lot to do with why it took me so long to start writing again. Glad to see that you're back at it as well.


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