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Monday, May 13, 2013

Five Things I Think, May 13

1) I think it was a great Mother’s Day.  Little Danger and I let Wifefish sleep in late, then piled on top of her for furious cuddles.  There was giggling, and the fact that even though I primed LD to say “Happy Mother’s Day”, he ran into the room and yelled “Happy Birthday Mommy!”  Close enough for 2 year olds and government work. 

We hosted the family gathering, so I also grilled furiously, throwing down an assortment including vegetable skewers, shrimp, hot dogs, steaks, short ribs, and bacon-wrapped porkchops in a mojito marinade.  I rule the grill with an iron fist, y’all.  I ran that grill like a deranged conductor, flinging meat and vegetable alike hitherto and yon from plate to flame and back at a pace best described as “furioso profundi”.  (OK, maybe not “best” described, but described nonetheless.) 

2) I think that I may be a broken record on the whole “How cool is Little Danger” topic.  You're just going to have to deal with it. He commanded the dance floor at a wedding reception this weekend, doing the Time Warp and the “cupid shuffle” and various other dances, or at least his best toddlerized approximation thereof.  Adorable.  I don’t get tired of perfect strangers approaching Wifefish and I to compliment his looks, manners, and general debonair nature. 
And then I realize he will be a teenager one day, and I shudder in fear.  With any luck, he will only use his power for good. 

3)  I think I’m enjoying getting back to the gym.  Not only am I hitting the bike again, but I’m also doing the 100 push up challenge, there’s an app for that.  Granted, my upper body currently feels like I’ve jackslapped a pissed off hippopotamus and subsequently been trounced for my transgression, but I’m no longer huffing and puffing at push up number five.  (Which, let me tell you, is embarrassing as all hell.)

4) I think it’s time for some Lake Therapy.  Not that I’m stressed or anything, but just that this weekend is a perfect time to sit on the boat, put my feet up, and enjoy a daiquiri or twelve. 
Granted, at time of writing the water temperature is only 66 degrees…which means the only way I’m jumping in for any amount of time is if I’m fleeing a charging rhinoceros.  Given that rhinos are incredibly rare at the lake, it’s quite likely that I’ll be dry most of the time. 

5)  I think you should check this out: The Surreal Mother Geek
This is the awesomest kickstarter I’ve seen in a while, and hits me right in the feels.  The Venn diagram of this and what I want my kid involved exposed to is nearly a single circle. Also, I may or may not have had my hand up a goose's backside in that vid. 
Get over there, watch the video (because it’s fun), and think about sharing or supporting it…GEEKS UNITE!!! 

What do YOU think?

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