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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Lord Bless Charley Mopps!

I’ve decided to give myself more reasons to write.  I’m going to start including beer reviews, to continue to provide good news for taste buds everywhere. Well, the beer-enjoying taste buds anyway.

I consider the fact that as a younger man, fresh into the Air Force, I had no experience with beer.  Then I was handed my first beer, a Milwaukee’s Best. (They call it The Beast for a reason.)  Then my second, a Budweiser.  I decided that I wanted no further experience with beer, which of course led to some very uncomfortable moments at squadron outings where I could be observed trying to man it up with the rest of the boys while holding an ice cold Zima. 

Suffice to say, my reputation as a weirdo was not easy to ditch.  When you drink a Zima amongst a squadron of manly military men that do construction work on base, those men will look at you as if you were a tap dancing gnu.  “It just ain’t right.”

Eventually, I met my then-future wife, and worse, her dad.  This was a man who knew beer, and he introduced me to beers with flavors I never imagined.  Gone were the days of horse-with-kidney-problem brews.  Sadly, that was also a farewell to weighing in at 156 pounds, as I discovered the joys of tasty beers. 

I find that it’s an exciting time to be a beer drinker in America.  The Big Brewers are losing the battle for America’s taste buds, and more micros are popping up all the time.  It’s a return to the heady pre-prohibition days, to the ability to head to your local brewhouse and fill a growler to take home, to the need to hit the gym so as to get rid of a spare tire that could fit a fucking dump truck. 

So what to start with today, you ask?  I’m going right after your taste buds with some hoppy, floral goodness in an awesome can.  Seriously, just look at this artwork…the Castro of Bacon, the Lenin of Loins, the Chavez of Chops:  highly reminiscent of Moon Over Parador. 

This bad boy has enough hop that it’s easy to think of it as an IPA, but in actuality it’s billed as an American Amber.  A product of Finch’s Beer Company in Chicago, this beer features a nice caramel malt with a hoppy blast and a bit of a flowery finish.  Simple it ain't.  It’s also a pretty beer, red in the glass and looking ready to please. 

This is a beer I can especially enjoy with my feet propped up on the upper deck of the houseboat.  Or hell, anywhere else really. 

Fascist Pig…give it a shot, and BOTTOMS UP!!!

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