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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Five Things I Think, The End of May

June has nearly arrived, and I can't help but think, "Already???" This year seems to be flowing by like a flooded river, carrying the detritus of upstream disaster past as I hang on and wait for the waters to recede.  It's been a year. 

1) I think that it's important to "sharpen the saw", to keep yourself in touch with the things that recharge you.  I spent a bit of time this past weekend out in the woods grooving with some of my favorite drummers and dancers, and I've come away again recharged and smiling.
In whatever we do, we have to take some time for ourselves. 

2) I think it's important to communicate, listen, and learn...even when you might be a master.  I watched a drummer of great talent, a teacher, come into an environment he did not know:  our organic groove of a drum circle.  This man played as if he were teaching class and performing, and while he had great skill, it was jarring.  It was as if I shared a road with Mario Andretti in traffic, and he thought he was on the track.  It was as if a french whore had though your garden party was the just didn't fit, and nearly offensively so. 
We may be masters of what we do, but even amateurs may teach, if we are willing to learn. 

3) I think Little Danger is living up to his name.  Our little daredevil rode down the waterslide on the back of the houseboat, taking the plunge into the lake (of course in his lifejacket).  He came up with a look of "What the hell was that?", and chose not to repeat the ride, but still he gave it a try, and he's not yet 2.  I was filled with equal parts pride and worry; the kid is often fearless and leads with his forehead, like a battering ram of cuteness.

Little Danger and Dangerboy...wastin' time...

4) I, I know...that I hate waiting.  It's been a rough financial year, and I have put together an opportunity that should make all well again, if not better.  And yet, I must wait on endless departments to dot their I's and cross their T's.  How I long to simply shake a hand and make something happen; it's the way I prefer to do business. 
Perhaps that makes me a dinosaur, a throwback to a different, less-lawyered time. 
Although I like the idea of being a dinosaur...a Dangerboyaraptor, or perhaps a Dangersaurus.  But not Rex...I drum, and could not live with tiny arms. 
In any case, the insufferable waiting is the absolute worst.  I feel like I'm sitting at the starting gate for hours, hoping my horse doesn't fall asleep.  And since I'm a jockey with a beergut, that seems more likely than if I were one of those tiny fellows.  

5) I think I have a busy month ahead...airsoft, larp, gaming, work on the basement, swapping renters at the rental house, houseboat trip, and far more.  Plus normal work and toddler-raising.  It promises to be an exciting ride, and I'm looking forward to it!

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