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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Five Things I Think, Post Food Coma editition

Oh, the holidays...a time when I hide the scale and have more pie.

1) I think I had too much turkey. There were two turkeys at family Thanksgiving, smaller birds but tasty. One was smoked, the other rubbed with a lemon-herb-wine concoction by Wifefish. Then our friends feast featured a farm-raised feathered fellow that we named "Hank". (New Girl, anyone? Hanksgiving!) The yum, it was mighty.

2) I think I love the holidays. I don't get into the crazy comsumerism, hell I don't have the money these days to do so. But I do get into being surrounded by friends, family, loved ones. I love catching up with old friends and spending time with people I'm just damn glad to know.

3) I think Time Warner Cable can gargle balls. I signed up for their $84.90 bundle deal with TV and internet, but when they were finalizing the order, the actual price came to $118. Extras for HD, DVR, and equipment fees. I told them to take a flying leap. I absolutely abhor bait-and-switch pricing. It drives me batshit insane, like a day trapped in an elevator between floors with Justin Bieber music playing on endless repeat and a Twilight fan rattling off a soliloquy of why they like the movies, all while someone takes a cheese grater to my scrotum. Maybe I should drink less coffee.

4) I think there are too many desserts at the house. Granted, there are fewer today than 2 days ago...but that's because I put them in my belly. Leftover pie of 3 kinds, cheesecake,'s like the Keebler elves mugged Betty Crocker and decided our kitchen was going to be the stash location. I'm going to have to install a treadmill in front of the Scotch shelf of my bar.

5) I think this being too busy to write and read and comment thing makes me feel like a bad blogger. Someone should roll up an online newspaper and swat me on the virtual nose. Or pay me. Paying me would be good.

That's my five today. Don't forget to check me and the rest of the gang out at! Now you can click on my name and see all the crazy shit I find in the news!


  1. I'm not sure why comments are giving trouble today, but thanks for trying. Blogger is evidently covering its ears and going "LALALA" today.

  2. Ok- I'll give it a whirl... Love the post title! Man, we finally got through the last of the cake and pies, and I'm going back to grazing in the field. For a long time.

    Can I tell you I just went through checking into all the "great" deals at FIOS, and like you, was surprised by all the add ons. Still, I think it might be cheaper than my current service. But does it carry ALL the sports channels hubby wants?? Vay! Decisions, decisions.

    Happy belated Turkey Day. :)

  3. I am glad you are having some of the same issues getting the blogs read and commented on. I suck. Tonight is a start over of sorts, reading and trying to write at least once a week. Also, no matter what cable co. you have, they will all f you. We had Bresnan, who just became Optimum and guess what? taxes, fees, and I think i may have signed a contract to donate the proceeds from my organ sale on ebay.


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