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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Five Things I Think, Dec 6

Is my regular Monday thing now a regular Tuesday thing? What, it's Wednesday? I should perhaps be glad I'm not putting this off to 2012.

1) I think I've seen some good and bad holiday behaviour this season. The debate over Christmas vs Holidays has been addressed in nice fashion, and folks on both sides of the "what to say for a winter gift giving festival" seem to be swinging back toward the "take whatever is said as a nice wish, asshole" side of the aisle.
Funniest thing I have read on the debate? "Tell those who demand Christ be part of Christmas that you demand Thor be part of Thursday." It's a thing that makes ya go "Hmmm."

2) I think I had a great time drumming for our metro area's Gay Mens' Chorus. They did two African pieces in their holiday concert, and asked that I put together some percussion for them. Wifefish, Ruffstuff, and I teamed up for Bonse Abe and Betelehumu, and I dare say it was awesome. The chorus sounded great, and we had a great time helping them out. Perhaps if they upload a video I'll link to it. I don't often get paid to slap a djembe, but it was awesome to do so.

3) I think that the fact our Senate just passed a bill that would allow indefinite detention of American citizens by American military is fucked right up. This story has been hard to follow, and I'm going to be watching it as closely as I can. It's possible that the offending language has been stricken, but it seems that hasn't been confirmed yet. Here's hoping. I know that if I'd been ordered to do so when I was in the service, I would have refused. Police arrest Americans, and protect them from other Americans. Armed Forces protect Americans from foreign threats. That's the way it should stay; protecting against "domestic threats" was never intended to replace due process.

4) I think that last time I disparaged Time Warner Cable. Well, they got my message loud and clear, which was easy given that I tweeted and posted on their facebook wall. They called me with a "promotion" that I couldn't refuse, and I'm actually saving even more money than I would have been had they just honored their initial agreement. Lesson learned...the squeaky wheel gets the kick. (12 geek points if you can name the source of that quote)
I think that social media can be a fantastic tool for change, companies can no longer assume their clients and customers are anonymous voices, they know that countless others will see the words from a disgruntled client. Suffice to say that I am now gruntled.

5) I think I may not worry too much about the impact of finances on Christmas for Little Danger. Why, you ask? BEHOLD.

With enough cardboard, we can make ANYTHING. This is a race car/sled/Rebel Snowspeeder/podracer/and more, whatever makes him giggle. Give the kid 4 boxes and a passel of foam swords, and he's entertained for hours. Add a book and a dog, and he's in paradise. Still, he does love his talking Yoda. Especially when Empire Strikes Back is on TV, and I press the button at just the right time to make him think Yoda's playing along with the movie.
Dads are devious.

Well, that's Five Things for the week. I hope you're having a good one, friends. Stay Awesome!


  1. Minsc from Baldur's Gate. I still have that game, in my "This game won't run on my new computer" drawer.

  2. Magic is good, but now, Minsc leads! SWORDS FOR EVERYONE!

  3. Ten years ago, the idea that the U.S. military could detain American citizens, let alone indefinitely and without counsel, would have made us gasp. Now it only makes us sigh. Perhaps soon it will only produce a shrug.

    I always say “Merry Christmas;” no surrogate seems to invoke such frosty crinkly joy... and so much more.

    I like the idea that toys, play generally, is integrated into everyday life, and requires no special tools, allowing, though, for the occasional sacramental object if only to make the idea a little more vivid. I’m going to quickly run out of ways to say adorable, so I’ll just call Little Danger that. Lucky dad.

  4. I say Merry Christmas. Not to anger the infidels, but because it is what I have said since I can remember. What I find humorous is when an infidel gets offended, as I wish them a Merry Christmas, and then turn around a few days later to tell me, "what they got for Christmas." Card board boxes are pure gold. I agree wholeheartedly with you, as it pertains to the bill regarding the military and it's new found ability to detain everyday citizens. Just snot right, man. Snot right, at all.

  5. Regarding Yoda watching Empire with you: a while back, whenever we would watch "The Muppet Movie", the eldest (somewhere around 2-4 at the time) would force my Kermit the Frog puppet to watch it with us. Of course my arm would get pretty tired, but it was fun watching her reaction to Kermit watching the movie with us.

  6. Be prepared to be annoyed with about a month's worth of comments, b/c I'm finally going through my Google Reader now. What? It was the holidays. Now I'm 1000 posts deep. Merry Christmas to ME.

    ANYWAY: that is the best indoor sled EVER. Patent it and make millions, my friend.


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