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Monday, November 14, 2011

5 Things I Think, November 14

Greetings gang. A very sore Dangerboy salutes you. It's been a weekend of physical effort, with more abuse in store. Sadly, Ibuprofen and Scotch don't go together. But Scotch and more Scotch do. I chose Ibuprofen.

1) I think I had a good, geeky weekend. Two days filled with foam stick beatdown, both hard and light. It was good to see things from a different perspective, since I'm often running events. Being a "noob" was just good fun. Having spent Friday afternoon raking leaves at the family homestead, though, my body is not nearly as pleased as my mind by these shenanigans. Not nearly.

2) I think I have some friends who are effing saints. Little Danger got to spend the day in the company of some awesome women on Saturday, as Wifefish and I attended to item 1 there. One of the sitters decided to be the ninja of kitchen dishes, and we returned to a cleaner kitchen than we'd left. Saints, I tell you.

3) I think that Megashark vs Crocosaurus on SyFy was fucking ridiculous. I was trapped under a sleeping Little Danger, and could not wrestle the remote away from Ruffstuff. He tortured me by leaving it on.
Wifefish recreated a scene with a shark hat and an oven mitt as puppets, and I laughed so hard I cried. I am certain that this movie was made specifically to be bad, but I'm not sure even that forgives it. The puppet show was certainly superior.

4) I think I am not looking forward to the 11 hour car trip tomorrow. Nor the return 11 hour car trip on Saturday. I am looking forward to using that time to work on manual revisions and being no further than 14 inches from Wifefish for an entire day.
I'm headed out on a business trip, and she gets to accompany me. It's a beggar's celebration of our 10 year anniversary, a k-k-k-killer combo! trip of work and play. The plane ticket to this destination were twice as much as two extra nights at the resort, so fabulous boss coughed up the two nights. Score.

5) I think I'll try to take some time to write this week. I should have some downtime on this trip, so hopefully I can make some words manifest. You should be sure to check out the things I've been writing over at Sprocket Ink in the meantime!

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