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Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Fun!

I have to admit, all the travel is whipping my ass a bit. I am behind on nearly everything, and danced with glee yesterday to cross 2 things off my "to do" list. It has grown to gigantic proportions, like some deranged shrinky-dink for adults.

This week, I was given an award by the Habitual Hobbit, who has also started his own "5 Things" tradition. Give him a read, you may well like what you see.

Over at Sprocket Ink this week,

I talked about the wildest road rage I've ever read about


I ragged on the Fast and Furious fiasco. It should be the Iran-Contra hearings of our decade, but it's getting a lot of time under the rug. If you don't know about it, check it won't believe the government can be this stupid.

In shit that made me guffaw elsewhere on the series of tubes, The Bloggess is being stalked by her own stuffed monkey


Noa wrote an open letter to college freshmen that made me think maybe I'm not funny anymore, because she used all the laughs in the world ever.

As for me, I'm out for the weekend. I may post 5 Things on Monday, or it may happen Tuesday, because Labor Day is for being lazy, but I'll probably be attempting to cross items off of that mythical to-do list of Mordor, or I may just throw that fucking post-it into the fires of Mount Doom lest it continue mocking me.

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  1. Five great things, DB and lots of laughs. Have a wonderful weekend! ;)


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