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Monday, September 19, 2011

5 Things I Think, Sep 19

1) I think it was a decent trip to Atlanta. By coincidence, the meeting I attended ended at the ballpark for Star Wars night with the Braves. They choked liked Vader was playing for the other team...when your 1st inning ends 4-0, you're in for a long night. I thought it odd to see stormtroopers putting their hands over their hearts for the National Anthem, and have to admit to the silly and uncharitble thought..."Oh, look, TSA agents!"
On the whole, business trips are better with beer and ball games.

2) I think Little Danger is already exploring his career options. He's decided, I think, on something with swords. A pirate, an itinerant adventurer, a gentleman duelist, perhaps even a supervillain.
He has fallen in love with his kid-weight foam swords, and scores a few hits on Daddy from time to time. I've fallen in love with his Han Solo grin as he stands en garde, preparing to release his barbaric Yawp in a full-on assault.

3) I think I'm glad Little Danger made it back from the dreaded Ikea in one piece. Wifefish took him along with Meemaw, and they explored the bane of my existence last week. Wifefish succumbed to the dreaded kottbullar, which we had for dinner last night along with potatismos, which is evidently the Ikea-fied way of saying mashed potatoes. Little Danger had potatismos hair by the end of dinner.
The lingonberry jam was delicious. There, I said it. But I'm still not going into that store anytime soon.

4) I think I am very happy to have been excused early from the jury pool this morning. The chairs in that box are torture devices. After only an hour of sitting in one, my lower back feels like it's been pummeled by a circus strong man with the big wooden mallet after having been trampled upon by a herd of rampaging pygmy sloths.

5) I think it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day this mornin'. Ye should be certain ta celebrate most hearty, swill some rum and tilt some ale. An' say "avast" a lot, and don't be afraid ta call yer lubber workmates "barnacle-sucking codswallops!" I'll be swillin' a shot o' The Kraken before I cast off fer the land o' sleep this eve, an' I'll be jabberin' nonsenical nauticals with Little Danger, me prime first mate, as well. But I'll try to keep it "normal" while I'm talking to clients today, limiting myself to a single "Yaaaar" per conversation.
They tell me moderation is important in life.

Bonus thought: I see that with only 1 more person clicking that "follow" button, I shall have triple digits on the follow list. Don't you want to be number 100?

Now, powder to the guns an' have a great Monday, ye mangy louts!!!


  1. Yarrrrrr, this blog be better than a mug fulla grog an' a pretty wench by me side! Arrrrrg, me heartes! Ye scurvy dog, ye!

    I swear to God, the whole Netflix/Qwikster debacle this morning, combined with the post-wake of the Emmy's, completely made me forget about the holiday. I know. Grace O'Malley's rolling in her grave somewhere. Off to hang my head in shame.

  2. Errrrrrgh, you shallest have figgered dat de major-a-tee of commentarrrs would spake in pirate acksent.

    Ikea is likened to purgatory for some, and anytime you find yourself saying potatismos, instead of mashed taters, kick yourself in the crotch, as no man should EVER, say some shat like that.

  3. Bwahaha- that IKEA bit is so funny. I can relate-I can't get out of that store without several frozen dinners. My kids love the Swedish meatballs. And the cookies! Ugh.

    Oh that 'lil Danger's headed for greatness. The photo's precious. Reminds me of my not-so-'lil man at that age. Boys. ;)

  4. Danger. Thank you for your comment - I like your tagline. Am going to just lean into life more.


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