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Monday, June 13, 2011

Five Things I Think, 13 June

1) I think there's little as heartbreaking as a sick baby. The red and sad eyes, the lethargy, the wailing that can only be assuaged with children's knock-off brand pain reliever and fever reducer...and even then only staved off until their little immune systems figure it out and kick the invading virus in the metaphoric ass. There wasn't a lot of sleep in the Dangerhouse this weekend, and Friday night plans were wrecked for Wifefish.
That woman can be saintly at times, but I don't know that any Pope canonizes non-catholic women who use the word "fuck" that much. Those Popes are so damned judgmental. But they don't raise babies, so obviously they curse less. It's a vicious cycle.

2) I think that project paint our freaking house has kicked off to a good start. Saturday I went apeshit with a powerwasher, prepping the non-stone portions of the domicile for a new palette. Sunday I mostly hung out with Little Danger while Wifefish began transforming what was pink to a mossy-celery-greenish-taupe (her words) that is much more attractive. I am not allowed to paint, thanks to some mishaps with rollers in our early days. Suffice to say that I am far better at artistic painting than "even coverage". She does allow me to do trimwork at times, but I figure that I'm far better off spending Daddy time than trying to rescue my home decoration pride. I'm willing to let it go.

3) I think there's new fiction up at my fiction blog, continuing the story of Zarkov Barbossa. I really need not let so long go between posts over there. Sometimes that's easier said than done.

4) I think the Tony awards can both entertain and frustrate. I enjoy the whole thing, the pageantry and appreciation of live theatre. I love the presenters, the numbers from the shows that are lets me know which soundtracks I should be buying. I am annoyed that, without seeing any of the shows, I can usually predict what shows are going to win. This year was no different. Is it coincidental, or is there a "message" the wing wants to send each year? I really do think they push an agenda sometimes, instead of rewarding the most worthy.
But I still love live theatre. In fact, in a few weeks I'm auditioning for an absolute dream role. More on that later, though...don't want to jinx it.

5) I think I saw something that boggled my mind! There are several nests around the domicile right now...a robin on one side, a hummingbird! on the other, and a sparrow somewhere closeby.
Yesterday, I looked out the window and saw what I thought was the sparrow and its chick, chirping away at each other. The sparrow chirped, and foraged, teaching the chick how to do so. It dipped its head, grabbing some insect or another, and turned around, feeding the chick from its bill...and that's when the younger bird emerged from a bit of greenery, and I noticed the chick was twice its size.
One of the young robins had come down from its nest, thinking the parental chirping was its own dear momma. The sparrow took it under its wing for a while, something I'd never seen. Before I could get the camera outside, the robin had flapped its way back to its own nest, ready for its more appropriate worm diet. The sparrow returned to its own pint-sized progeny. In a house where adoption is held dear, it was a warm moment indeed.
I pointed out the robin nest to Little Danger, and he waved at it, giggling. I held him close, my own tiny sparrow in a dangerous world. Fortunately for him, we're not too keen on a worm diet, though.

Happy Monday, gang...and for those to whom it applies, a Happy Father's Day this week. I'm looking forward to my first.


  1. A sick baby and house painting can't make for the greatest of weekends. It sounds like the Tony Awards and Little Danger giggling over the bird certainly made up for here. Have a nice week!

  2. Hope you have a good week, apart from that sick little baby and the operation house painting!
    I agree, there is nothing worse than seeing a little one in pain.
    Plenty of cuddles never go astray x


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