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Monday, June 6, 2011

5 Things I Think, June 6th

1) I think my poker skills are getting rusty. I used to play often, now just every now and then. And I haven't made the money in the last 4 tourneys I've played. Saturday night was another shameful defeat, though I did have fun, which is the ultimate goal, I suppose. Still, this is one of those activities that has left me in the field muttering through motionless lips the words "Oiiil caaan".

2) I think I need to write some more fiction. I slowed down on it quite a bit, though admittedly there was that whole "week in the woods" thing, where my hands danced over a djembe instead of a keyboard. I seem to have fallen into a time where I am simultaneously overly busy and getting nothing done, so I may as well create. It helps get the thoughts organized that seem to bounce off my mental walls like so many crazed badgers dipped in rubber.

3) I think it's time to start some wheels turning on two large projects. I'm running a haunted trail this fall, and I need to redesign some scenes to trim what didn't work all that well, and keep the stuff that made wet pants. The other item is the return of a very awesome thing, and it is time to start recruiting my dream team to run it. I am freeing myself of fear, I have learned many lessons during this hiatus I've taken, and will approach it with joy and I used to. I'm writing this not to announce it, but to be accountable to it.

4) I think that this week's fight session was a hell of a workout; it was hot as balls out there yesterday. My heart raced and I sweat profusely, but sadly I never really hit my stride. I couldn't maintain constant motion as usual, I kept having to slow down and anchor to catch breath and cool off. At times, my chest heaved so much I thought I was in a Danielle Steele novel. It was nice to be called a professional, dedication to being a Renaissance Man seems to be working out nicely, even if I did make that promise to myself some 20 years ago.

5) I think it shouldn't be this difficult to get a microwave fixed. I have a great thing called an American Homeshield Warranty which has been quite useful over the years. Sadly, they dispatched a Sears technician for the microwave that decided to fry itself. I have yet to see said technician, as they have rescheduled twice now. They are trying to send me a mythical repairman. I think they should hire less leprechauns and unicorns to work on microwaves. It goes without saying that I am displeased with them, and fortunately my service has been re-dispatched, after a week of Sear's bullshit, to a local repair shop. I'd bet $20 it goes smoothly from here. If not, there may be an application of a righteous junkpunt.

Happy Monday, gang, and STAY AWESOME!


  1. Oooh a Haunted Trail. I love those! Halloween is my favorite time of year. Good luck!

  2. I wanna come to the haunted trail! Sounds awesome! Also, I suck at poker. I have a terrible poker face.

  3. I know I've been playing Portal 2, because I thought, "Badgers dipped in rubber? Nah. Now, dipped in repulsion gel, that would be fun."


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