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Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Things I Think, June 27th

1) I think that we may need to invest in a sunscreen company. Being the parent of a little redheaded Little Danger, aka the Ginga Ninja, is difficult during a trip to the lake. The words SLATHER, SPF ONE MILLION, and GOOP were liberally used. He was grumpy about the lifejacket until we actually got in the water. Then he found his happybabyness. Sadly, we forgot the SD card for the camera, so the picture that should appear just after this paragraph was never taken. But trust me, it was the cutest thing EVER.

2) I think that having access to a houseboat on the lake is a tremendous luxury for which I am grateful. There was much unwinding and chillaxification. Which, by the way, is now a word. I have decreed it so.

3) I think it's headspinning how fast the mania can return after intense chillaxification (that's right, used it again. Enjoy.) Wifefish and I both ended up stressed to the gills last night as life reminded us that it still likes to fuck with us. There was broken glass involved, and a repair bill. And today's to do list involves calls to both animal control and the repair company for the microwave that has still not been repaired 21 days later, despite paying the service fee already. Suffice to say, Dangerboy is going on a rampage this week. (Perfectly legal rampage, though.)

4) I think it's insane how much that little man eats. Little Danger consumed nearly as many calories as either Wifefish or I every day this weekend. And he's still a skinny-butt. Scientific conclusion? Growing burns calories. As does being cute. It's the only answer.

"He looks yummy. Can you run him by the fire and make him steak?"
"No, son, he's not steak. Not even a cow, actually."
"Fine, I'll pout then."*

5) I think I'm really tired of the TSA. Remember when I bitched about them earlier? Well, now they continue to rack up the negative publicity. Their VIPR (seriously? Are you guys working for Cobra Commander? Who does your PR, Destro?) teams are seen at train stations, bus stations, and even highway rest areas now. They are making little old ladies take off their Depends. My work schedule is going to have me traveling again soon, and I have to be honest...I'm not looking forward to it. If a donation page comes up here, you'll know it's for my bail.

Have a great Monday, and try to chillaxificate!

*This is a purely fictional conversation. I think he actually said "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaabf."


  1. Awesomeness. I have a Ginga Ninja too - let's invest in a sunscreen company together, shall we?

    I fully intend to chillaxify at the lake tomorrow. So therefore, my mania will occur today, as the house must be spotless before I can participate in any chillaxification. Pre-chillaxification mania greatly reduces post-chillaxification mania.

    Wait, wha......?

  2. A big rampage every once in a while keeps you from going soft and helps keep shitty service providers from getting away with their misdeeds.

    Here is to a week of chillaxification!

  3. Cobra Commander would not agree. See, when he tries to be a jack ass, he fails, where areas, TSA excells. CC runs an army that can't hit a target. Ever. TSA pisses people off at a daily clip.

  4. Oh my goodness, it's Little Danger! How adorable! Now how could you not chillaxify with him? Really, forget the microwave and broken glass, you ought to just return to the houseboat on the lake for an entire summer of total chillaxification. ;)

  5. I am working on chillaxifying. I need it today! LIttle D is very cute - I can see why he is thin. And go hard on that SPF - my mum did and I'm grateful to this day.


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