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Monday, February 28, 2011

Post Oscar Blowout

So, the Oscars were this weekend. I’d like to thank everyone who filled me in via whatever method they filled me in by, be it tweet or txt or blog or facebook note. Wifefish, Ruffstuff and I celebrated it by playing Rock Band 3 Sunday night instead, as truly not a shit was given in the Dangerboy household. The Oscars are as relevant to me as the mating habits of Peruvian Aardvarks.

Best in show went to us, as we rocked out all weekend; we also had a Rock Band party on Saturday night. A good time was had by all, and most by Little Danger. He has just graduated from swing to exersaucer (which we have decided is his own personal command cathedra*…yes, we play too much Rogue Trader).

As each song started, Little Danger bounced and giggled, made gibbery noises and actually vibrated in what we have now deemed his “baby frenzy.” He gets worked up and just can’t stop laughing, which of course makes us join in. It is the cutest thing in the universe.

As far as the Oscars themselves, I was surprised that Charlie Sheen didn’t win out against Mel Gibson in the “Batshit Insane Hollywood Train Wreck” category. He gave it a good run, though, and I suppose might be in the running again next year. We’ll see if somebody can put in a dark horse appearance in this category next time around, but they’re going to have to really hit it out of the park to overcome the “Warlock of Sober Valley”.

Speaking of weird Oscar things, what the fuck is a Gruffalo? Do they live near Peruvian Aardvarks? And was it me, or did Natalie Portman win “best girl-on-girl fap fantasy”? I’d also like to thank Melissa Leo for breaking out one of my personal favorite words in her acceptance speech. Bravissimo. Fucking Bravissimo.

*Command Cathedra: in the 40k universe, some captains end up wired into their ship, with controls all about them. It’s a cool concept, though I’m sure it does nothing for their hygiene in the 41st millennium.


  1. HA! Bravissimo to you! Right there with you. We watched the movie Nowhere Boy last night. Didn't even peek at the Oscars. ;)

  2. Charlie peaked WAY too late in the year to have a shot at the Batshit award. Next year though...

    Little Danger would like the book "The Gruffalo's Child". It was a good book for Special Agent to read to him. I had no idea the Gruff had his own gig, however.

  3. I concur with your not giving a shit about the Oscars. The show was a complete and utter snooze fest. Thank goodness you guys did something more productive with your time than kill brain cells during that boring mess that is known as the academy awards. ...Speaking of which, I must go and look up this phenomena called Peruvian aardvarks...


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