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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out In The Open

There’s something I haven’t talked about yet, a powerful change that has happened in my life.

The first time I saw him, my breath stopped for a moment, and truly I understood the idiom “my heart skipped a beat”. I’ve been happily married for quite some time, and my wife is beyond fantastic…but I simply had no idea I could love this deeply.

The most magical part of my day now is when I see him laying there first thing in the morning, sun streaming into the window, and his eyes meet mine, and he smiles at me as if to say “Oh, there you are.” Tears come to my eyes with the purity and power of the love I feel at that moment.

I hold him close to me, and feel overwhelmed. I want to make the world move for him. His smile and his laugh light up his entire face. He has deep, bright blue eyes that capture me at a glance.

Sometimes I just stare at him, enraptured by what I see there. Sometimes he begins to drift into sleep, and a soft smile spreads across his features as he feels some nameless joy at the moment of transition away from the world of light and into the land of dreams. My chest feels, at that moment, as if it can barely restrain the pressure of my heart’s rapid expansion, growing to allow room for ever more love, affection, and awe.

It moves me in ways indescribable that I was chosen to be his. I’m lucky, because the Wifefish totally understands and supports my love. She shares it, after all.

He is my son, and he has made the world a vastly different and new place to live. He's still relatively new to the world, but the Little Danger is already making a pretty big splash in my life.


  1. What a beautiful way to express your love for your son. Save this post as one day I'm sure your boy will appreciate reading this.

  2. This almost made me cry. It's so nice to hear about good dads. One of my best friend's is 7 months preggo right now and her baby daddy is a waste of space. I was just talking to her about it this morning. I may make her stop by here and read this so she can understand that there are good men out there.

  3. Ah... you made me tear up.

    By the way, Little Danger is doing that drift off to sleep-smile thing.

    :heart melt:


  4. You did make me cry.

    This is beautiful and evident every time I see the two of you together. :)

  5. They redefine everything you think love is, and they do it every time you look at them. It is - in my opinion - the only true constant in life. Our children - though they defy us, love us, frustrate us and worry us will always, in every moment of every day make us wonder at how we are capable of such purity of love and that it magnifies indefinitely moment by moment.

    Good mothers are gifts to this world, good fathers are truly rare once in a while you find both in one home, and those children the ones with those parents are as blessed as they are a blessing.

    I cannot, for anything in this world, imagine you, your wife or your son as anything less than one of those gifts.

    Many Congratulations, blessings and love to you all. It is long overdue in the coming but sometimes it takes time for the child that is perfectly ours to find its way to us... and when that happens it is nothing short of amazing....


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