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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weather it Shakes

Today's exciting tale is from The Company.

Imagine the was two years ago, and a small tornado had spun up the night before, doing some F1 damage about a block from our office. It dominated our morning conversation...VIolet was discussing some family member of hers visiting from California, who had a freak out attack about the twister, thinking she was going to die. Or maybe she was just afraid of munchkins...we'll never know. Well, the conversation turned to whether we'd rather live in Ohio, land of the tornado, or California, land of the earthquake.

Me: "I'd take here. You can pretty well get away from a tornado if you need to...they're relatively small, whereas an earthquake has sort of an area affect."
Voodoo: "Yeah, that's true." (Voodoo lived through the San Fran '89 quake, and so has feelings on the subject"
VIolet: "What weather goes with an earthquake? Isn't it usually raining in an earthquake?"
Me and Voodoo: Blank stares

They say truth is stranger than fiction...maybe they've met VIolet.

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