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Monday, July 4, 2011

5 Things I Think, July 4th

1) I think it's a great day for blowing shit up. We seem to have a preoccupation with making things go "Boom" here in the States, equating explosions with patriotism: it's even in the song..."the bombs bursting in air." I have many great fireworks memories, and one or two "damn that was stupid" recollections to go with them.
From exploding cake (you had to be there) to a good episode of Mythbusters, it all goes better with a bang. I hope your Independence Day rocks socks. For my overseas friends, I hope your Monday didn't suck.

2) I think I earned a Daddy badge of honor Saturday. It was a stressful one for Little Danger, beginning as it did with an emptying of breakfast and last night's dinner all over Dangerboy. I was proud not to join in his impromptu festivities.
Wifefish is a goddamn saint and woke up to my plaintive cries (mine, not the boy) to help, as somehow he'd created a dimensional portal and produced a week's worth of bottle contents. There are some showers that feel heavenly, and Saturday's was one of them. Between the formula fountain fiasco, a case of mudbutt, and running his upper lip right into the corner of a speaker, it was a pitiful day for Little Danger.

3) I think it's going to be a wild week. I have an audition for an absolute dream role, which is actually two roles. If I get this, it'll be the awesomest ever. If not, well at least I won't be kicking myself in the ass for not trying. Add to that the shortness of the week, two article deadlines at Sprocket Ink, and heading off early for another trip to the lake...well, the whirlwind metaphors abound.

4) I think three weeks away from foam fighting Sundays is likely one too many. I have soreness in a few places, and sweated off 3 1/2 pounds yesterday. The old man can still hang, though, and I gave quite a few thwacks for each of these sore spots. They were well purchased.
The next step I'm taking on this whole staying fit thing is to cut soda almost completely...I'll allow it as a treat or last resort if I'm out and about, but trimming it from my work day is going to have a huge impact. It was a choice to give up soda or beer...that's a true no-brainer.

5) I think I'm dumbfounded that I'm staring down the barrel of Little Danger's 1st birthday. It's been a hell of a year, one in which we've watched him go from a dream to a little potato to a little boy, on the verge of his first unassisted steps. I blinked, and it's time to give him his first cake. He also has his first foam flail, with which he bonks Wifefish and I on any available real estate. It's funny...I know his cry, but I can summon the sound of his giggle with far greater ease. I think I'm going to go tickle him right now, actually. Who needs impulse control?

That's my five for the day...have a fantastic day, and remember your fireworks safety...I don't wanna see anybody changing their screen name to "Stumps."


  1. I have most often wished that I could bottle up baby giggles and keep them forever. Just to listen to, as needed.

    And no, no fireworks here, thanks to a burn ban all over Central Texas, so... no, no "Stumps" around here. Mostly good friends, good barbecue, and watching kids run around and make enough noise to make up for no fireworks. It was absolutely spiffing!

    And you have discovered one of the odd things about being a parent. When you were a kid, time dragged. It took forever for the weekend to arrive, or for a holiday to get here, or for it to be your birthday. But, once you have kids yourself, time moves at warp 9!

  2. You're staring down the barrel of his first, I'm staring down the barrel of a kids 9th!
    I asked him what he wanted for his birthday (via Wifefish) and he has yet to answer. I guess I have to choose. I can't be held accountable for my actions.

  3. It is amazing what happens when you blink. Hope the little guy is better, and that you all had a wonderful fourth. :-)

    (My brother brought some fireworks up to Maine for the holiday--the best part was watching him light them and then run. Light and get away quick... just like the directions!)


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