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Monday, October 7, 2013

Five Things I Think, Oct 7th

1) I think I’m sore in places that I didn’t even know I had places.  Last week was a freakish sprint to get the Haunted Trail up and running, which was made more difficult by some rain that decided to scratch one of my build days.

Thus did I spend Friday in a mad dash with a 7pm deadline to light, build, and dress 9 scenes.  I managed, but the toll on my body was palpable.  I had sweat so much that I ended up suffering a salt-crust induced acne episode worthy of adolescence.  Dropping that much moisture and salt also left me in terrible need of hydration, and thus did I find myself chain chugging Gatorade and water that night, then finally capping the night with an IPA and a shower.

Saturday I dragged and trudged through, and then wore myself out again in the night’s scaring.  Sunday was equally tough, as we Cleaned All The Things at the house, and I realized that I had a head cold attempting to conquer my sinus cavity in the name of  East Snotmucusstan. 

Suffice to say my Monday feels like a hangover, and I expect Ken Jeong to show up any minute. 

2) I think that despite the challenges, I had fun putting the Haunt up, as I always do.  It’s fun to scare the bejeezus out of people, and I get to hang out with the usual crew of disturbed individuals.

This year, I already have a new favorite scare.  I asked the mom of a group of tween girls if it was OK that I hide by the SUV in which she awaited them.  She beamed at me and asked, “Do you want to hide in the back?”  Oh, hell yes.

And so, when the girls climbed in to their waiting ride, I popped up from the back and got one final, and very enjoyable, screech of terror.  Safe in the parking lot?  Nope. 

3) I think, and I never get tired of saying it, that I really love this kid.  Last weekend was an autumn festival at the farm for which Wifefish works.  I took Little Danger to said festival, and got him into line for his mommy to facepaint him.  He of course chose Cap’n ‘Merica.  I resisted the urge to say “Fuck Yeah.”  

 Captain America, Recursive.
During Operation: Clean All The Things, he spent his afternoon with me on the bathroom floor, cleaning grout off the new-lain tile that Wifefish had placed.  He’s a great helper, that one. 

And the heart-melting kicker…driving him home from a friend’s birthday party Saturday night (post-haunt), a slowed up version of “Jump Around” came on the radio. 

  I wish I had not been driving, because I could then show you the video of him raising the roof in the back seat, singing “I get down and jumping around!  Jumping around!  Jumping jump jump jump jump around!”  He continued singing it during Sunday’s cleaning spree.  EFFING ADORABLE.

4)  I think We The People should just fire everyone in DC.  Congress, President, all of ‘em.  This shutdown-Obamacare-too much war for too long-I could keep going but I won’t crap is just…old.  I’m tired of it to a point of physical fatigue at times.  Someone mentions a political item and I just sigh, because I know the conversation is a lost cause.  Only half of us think one half of them are doing their jobs, so get rid of ‘em all, and start over. 

5) I think I really only had four things to think today.  #1 up there took its toll on me, therefore I am going to have another sports drink or three while I watch Monday Night Football.  (Speaking of which, what a weird game day yesterday!  Rams did well, Dallas-Denver game was ridiculous, Bengals beat the Patriots…lots of WTF!)  So there. 

So, gang…what do YOU think?

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  1. Good to see you posting! The Season is kind of kicking my butt, too. Though the latter part of the month is suddenly, strangely, open. WTF?


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