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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Geek Topic of the Day (not humor)

A bit of a departure from my humor format, but hey...if it stands, this may well lead me to a very long Things I Hate post.
I am floored by the absolute storm of rage that Blizzard created today for their World of Warcraft fans. This news posted yesterday, and as of 12 seconds ago there were 25,800+ posts on the largest topic thread ever to grace those very forums.
The gnashing of teeth is loud enough that it may, in fact, register in Richter rather than decibels. It's an interesting move on their part, and not without the feedback is showing.
There are well over 20 news stories already, and so they get some free publicity. But it bears wondering...are they going to lose a large amount of subscribers over this?
It's a very, very big change. And privacy concerns are something that resonate, especially with the "ejeet hax0rs" out there phishing and hacking and keylogging the WoW community.
I can't imagine taking such a risk. I like parachutes when I skydive, and folding when I have a losing hand. I do not like being raped by a rabid porcupine, which is what I imagine some of those dealing with this situation feel like.

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